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China Construction Bank (Europe) Milan Branch

China Construction Bank (Europe) S.A. was established in Luxembourg in August 2013. It is awholly owned subsidiary of China Construction Bank Group. China Construction Bank(Europe) - Milan Branch is a branch established in Italy by China Construction Bank (Europe)S.A. by taking advantage of its “European Passport” by European banking license.

The main target clients of China Construction Bank (Europe) - Milan Branch are basicallyItalian local leading companies, Chinese "going global" companies, and Italian companiesthat have close business relationships with the Group in China. Syndicated loans andbilateral loans are the core of its business development. “China Construction BankMatchplus" is the bank’s joint marketing platform that actively provides high-qualityfinancial services to enterprises both in China and in Italy.Over the years, China Construction Bank has actively pursued a steady internationaldevelopment strategy and has always given great importance to the exploration of theItalian market. China Construction Bank (Europe) - Milan Branch follows a customer-centered business philosophy, with an experienced and specialized team that continuouslyimproves products and services, always committed to provide comprehensive financialservices and solutions to its customers.

In the future, China Construction Bank (Europe) -Milan Branch will fully explore the complementary industry opportunities of China and Italy,strongly support Chinese "going global" enterprises, while also connecting Chinese andItalian enterprises in economic and trade cooperation, promoting the exchanges betweenthe two countries, and further enhancing the Bank’s comprehensive financial servicestrength in the European region. China Construction Bank (Europe) - Milan Branch will rely on the Group’s financial strength, rich products and wide global network to build a betterfuture together with its customers.



China Construction Bank (Europe) Milan Branch
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